Coalfields Got Talent


Active Living:

Mingo County Diabetes Coalition offers several events and programs that are designed to help us achieve our goal of a healthy Williamson.  Providing programs based on active living and healthy lifestyles, the coalition encourages attendance in community events such as monthly 5K run/walks, community competitions such as the “Hatfield McCoy: A Healthy Feud; Walk 100 Miles in 100 Days”, the Lunch Walk Program, Walk With Ease programs, Healthy Living Workshops, and various Diabetes Education and Management Classes.



Healthy Eating:

Working with local farmers and the Williamson Redevelopment Authority, the Mingo County Diabetes Coalition help delegate tasks to produce crops for the Williamson Farmers Market each season and maintain the Mingo County Orchard and Ramella Park Community Garden of Eatin’.  Connecting Diabetic patients and those within our programs to healthier options, Mingo County Diabetes Coalition has set up a system of prescription vegetable vouchers as program incentives and rewards.

With the goal to increase access to healthy foods in the community, many Healthy Living Workshops have been centered on growing your own garden and maintaining and processing your foods.  Among other efforts to increase access, in the Fall of 2013 the Farmers Market vendors were able to accept payment through EBT SNAP Benefits, tearing down an access barrier to fresh, healthy foods.

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